How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers

There is an old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is why Telegram Stickers have become so ubiquitous in everyday conversations. You may never use another chat app again because of Telegram’s vast library of stickers available. Compared to the competition, Telegram comes out on top since it allows users to upload custom stickers.

How to Make Your Telegram Stickers

Using stickers to send messages to your loved ones, coworkers, and friends can be a lot of fun. Even though Telegram currently has many customization options, you may have some inside jokes that would make a great sticker set.

The most exciting part about Telegram stickers is that anyone can make them. There is no need for a special developer account, and the approval procedure is quick. If you can conceive of a concept, you can personalize your sticker set by the time you finish reading this article.

Ensure that the Fundamentals are Covered

Although Telegram stickers are a great way to express yourself creatively, there are some rules you should obey. Get to know the laws of making custom stickers before you embark on your journey.

  • The PNG file format is required for use with Telegram stickers.
  • They need to be able to see through the background.
  • Stickers must be 512 pixels by 512 pixels in size.
  • The recommended size for the sticker pack’s icon is 100 by 100 pixels (the icon is optional).
  • Individual image files for each sticker must be made.
  • The quantity of stickers available per pack is unlimited.
  • Your sticker pack is editable anytime, so feel free to keep adding to it even after you’ve shared it with the world.
  • Copyrighted materials are not permitted on Telegram stickers.

When you upload stickers to Telegram, we do not examine them for copyright violations. However, if the rightful owner files a complaint, they can be taken down. Images and statements from the media are usually off-limits due to copyright issues.

Making Your Stickers

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard in picture processing, yet is complex and prohibitively expensive. If you’re handy with graphics programs, you may utilize this to your advantage by creating fun stickers on Telegram and promoting your work.

See other free options if you’re a newbie or need more experience. The following tools will help you create and upload stickers on your computer:

If you want to make stickers for your phone, you can use one of the numerous available third-party apps. Among the most frequently selected options are:

Buy Stickers from the App Store

  • You may get Sticker Maker Studio from the App Store.

The backdrop of a PNG image that you think would remove a good sticker can be removed with tools like Adobe Express.

For further information on the Telegram Sticker Bot, please contact free to

When your stickers are complete to your satisfaction, you can send them to your Telegram contacts. The Telegram Sticker Bot allows you to achieve this. You can contact this helpful resource in two ways:

  • Just click the link to get in touch with the Telegram Sticker Bot.
  • To tap the “Stickers” bot on Telegram, type “stickers” into the search box.

When you initiate a chat with the bot, it will display the available commands. Enter the following:

  • To generate a fresh pack of PNG/WEBP stickers, use the /new pack command.
  • To make a set of animated stickers, use the command /new animated.
  • If you want to add a sticker to an existing collection, you can do so with the command /add sticker.
  • If you need to swap out a sticker in a pack, just type /replace the sticker.
  • To remove a sticker from a set that has already been shared, use the command /del sticker.
  • Set a new icon for your sticker pack with the command /jetpack icon.
  • If you want to get rid of a group of stickers, type “/del pack” in the console.
  • Simply typing “/cancel” will abort the current command.

You’ll be able to check statistics regarding the success of your stickers in addition to commands for creating and modifying custom packs.

  • Sticker usage times can be viewed with the /stats command.
  • Stickers in your pack are ranked by their performance, and the /top command shows you which are the best.
  • To view the full set of times a sticker pack has been used, type “/pack stats” into the command.
  • The/pack top command will show you the sticker packs you use the most.

Add Some Stickers to the Telegram

It’s time to use your knowledge of the Telegram Sticker bot by adding your custom stickers to the bot’s database.

  • Enter or tap the “Send” icon after typing “/new pack” into the chat box.
  • Type the name you’ve given your personalized set.
  • Pick the paperclip icon.
  • Choose “File” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • To send photographs without compressing them, select “Gallery.”
  • You can select the sticker you want to send and upload it by checking the box.

Using the emoji keyboard, designate an emoji to represent the sticker.
If you want the bot to be able to properly organize your stickers, pick an emoji that accurately conveys what the sticker is about. A sticker should have at most two emojis associated with it.

  • To create more stickers for your set, repeat steps 3–7.
  • If everything seems good, hit “/publish” to send the set.

Following these steps will allow you to include a personalized icon in your sticker pack:

  • Tap on the icon next to the paper clip.
  • Choose “File” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • To send the image without compressing its quality, select “Gallery” from the menu.
  • Discover the appropriate custom icon and send it off.

Since an icon is discretionary, you can bypass this step altogether by typing the “/skip” command. By default, the first sticker you send will serve as the icon.

When you’re done, all you have to do is give your sticker set a catchy name. Put no spaces before or after the word when you type it in. The Telegram Sticker Bot will use it to create a unique URL that you can send with your friends on the messaging custom. If the name you enter is already in use, the bot will suggest another one.

By the set Telegram offers you the link to your custom sticker pack, you may consider the process complete. Remember that anyone with a Telegram account can view and use the stickers, so think twice before posting anything sensitive.

Put Those Telegram Emoticons to Use!

Putting your personalized stickers to use is where the fun begins. Get started with creating your own set of Telegram stickers by following these steps:

  • The Telegram Sticker Bot will offer you a link to your personalized collection.
  • To get the pack, click the “Add Stickers” button.

When you activate your sticker keyboard, your personalized set of symbols will appear, and you can use it just like any other.

You can share your loved friends to send in on the fun by sending them the download link for your set:

  1. To access the Telegram Sticker Bot’s personalized collection, click the link.
  2. If you want to share this, tap the share button.
  3. Send the people or groups you’d want to share the stickers with.

Tap on a sticker you like in Telegram, and you’ll be taken to a screen where you may add it to your collection or search for more like it. Since Telegram does not have its official sticker store, this may be the most effective way to get your stickers out there.

Plenty of Stickers

When you make your stickers, they can more accurately reflect your emotions than a simple sentence. Using the information in this article, you should be able to create your unique sticker sheet. All that’s left to do now is use your fun and enjoy yourselves with loved friends.

What about Telegram stickers? Do you use them? Would you consider making your own set? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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