KIOSK Citizen Registration via MPOnline Portal Login

This article will explain How To Get MPOnline Portal Login. To improve the state’s online services through MPOnline, the Madhya Pradesh government and Tata Consultancy Services Limited are working together. Since its founding in 2006, the state government has offered services through the portal to all of the state’s citizens. The public can access a wide range of services created by numerous departments on the primary Madhya Pradesh government website, MPOnline. See the article below for more information on the services provided by the portal and how to register as a citizen.

KIOSK Citizen Registration via MPOnline Portal Login

Here are the details for How To Get MPOnline Portal Login, which are covered in this article;

MPOnline Registration for New Citizens

In order to use the portal’s services, you must first access an account. To create your own account, simply follow the simple steps listed below.

1.Visit for further details.
On the homepage, please select the Kiosk/Citizen option by clicking on it in the top bar.

2.”Citizen Registration” is one of the options in the drop-down menu.

3.When you click the link, a new page launches with an application form on it.

4.Enter your selected user ID and password in the appropriate fields. In order to move on to the next page, all fields denoted with an asterisk (*) must be completed. Be sure to abide by the rules because the password must be alphanumeric.

5.Enter your recovery email address in the designated field after confirming your password in the text box. Please make sure you have double-checked your recovery email address in case you lose your password or user ID in the future.

6.If the phone number is not working, enter +91 or 0 before it.

7.Click “Create Account” after completing the next step’s basic math calculation.

Log in with the user ID and password listed above after completing the aforementioned procedures.

Register on MPOnline

After completing the registration process, you may access your report using the login ID and password you generated. To sign in, just follow the simple procedures provided below.

1.Go to, the official website.

2.To access your account, click the Login button located in the upper right corner of the webpage.

3.In order to log in, we must complete the following details on a new page.

4.Select Citizen from the User Type drop-down option.

5.Complete the brief maths problem and enter the solution in the box below after entering your log in information and password.

6.When you click Login, you’ll be directed to the account’s main page.

As you can see, the user type box has a number of options, including citizen, staff, G2g, and kiosk.

Make your decision and, if required, log into your account as a result.

Overview of KIOSK in Brief

Even if technology is replacing a lot of things, it still needs to be beautiful for a lot of people. We need to find alternatives for everything electronic until then. Many people lack a computer or do not want to deal with the challenges of utilising a portable device to access the internet, despite the fact that almost everyone has access to it.

The government therefore installed KIOSKs in a range of settings, such as stores and internet cafés. The applicant for a KIOSK is compensated by the government for their services, and they must follow its rules.

  • KIOSK Registration Requirements
  • The candidate must be eligible for the KIOSK and meet the prerequisites listed below in order to register.
  • Along with having completed high school, the candidate must be at least eighteen years old.
  • The ideal candidate should be well-versed in computers.
    The applicant must have a minimum of 10 by 10 square feet of space in a café, workplace, or retail setting.
  • It ought to be a convenient location devoid of rudeness.

KIOSK Sign-Up Procedure:

After reading and understanding the government’s instructions for completing the necessary paperwork and submitting an application, register for a KIOSK by following the steps provided below.

1.Click to access the portal.

2.Point your cursor over the top bar’s KIOSK/Citizen option.

3.When you select Application for KIOSK from the drop-down menu, a new page with KIOSK information will appear.

4.You can click Verify after checking the box that says, “If you have read and understood the guidelines, tick here,” on the page that appears after clicking the following button.

5.This will take you to the application for KIOSK, where you must fill out all the required information.

6.If your home’s KIOSK location is the same as yours, tick the box on the application form; otherwise, complete the Shop Details section with your information.

7.Fill in the page’s information and the Attachments section with details about your item. A set of uploading rules will appear when you click the upload button. Please abide by the rules and upload the image.

8.To access the security check page, select the tick in the disclaimer section.

9.To transmit an OTP, click the transmit OTP button and enter the code that displays on your phone.

10.One of the phone numbers you entered will receive an application number once you click the Submit button.

11.Select Payment of Kiosk Registration Fee from the drop-down menu under KIOSK/Citizen on the portal’s home page.

12.Go to the following page and enter your application number to begin the search.

13.To complete the registration procedure, adhere to the instructions mentioned below.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a reference number that you should maintain for any future payments. Once more, confirm.

Requirements for Establishing a KIOSK

  • There are various location and socioeconomic qualifying constraints even though you have the right to create a KIOSK.
  • The KIOSK ought to have an abundance of seating and water fountains.
    The only location from which the operator may control the KIOSK is the one listed in the registration.
  • A computer, printer, scanner, biometric device, and dependable internet access should all be part of the configuration.
  • In order to keep the KIOSK running, the operator must complete 200 transactions or more each month.

Last Words:

MPOnline reserves the right to terminate the KIOSK at any time if you fail to abide by any of the rules.

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